The Smartphone-concepts, is A display that can be rolled up, and the one with the two buckling


In the market of Smartphones with flexible Displays are still in their infancy. TCL has unveiled two new concepts for the use of this display technology in a Smartphone. Prior devices rely on a folding mechanism to open the Smartphone is similar to a flip phone, or tried to. A different approach would be to TCL with a Smartphone aufrollbarem Display: This refers to the principle of the classic up the blinds.

The job market

  1. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Berlin, Germany
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When the movie was released, the Smartphone with a 6.75 in. from the screen, and it is similar to the Form of the modern devices. With the push of a button, and the Display unit to the side. So, instead of a square Screen with a Diagonal of 7.8 inches. The presentation formats are similar, and therefore, an approximate indication of the properties of the Galaxy in the Fold for Us (Test) – however, there is no mechanism in the folding hinge.

In spite of this, in the View of TCL this is the device that is driving the engine, and rolled over. Therefore, there should be no fingerprints on the screen, such as is the case with the others, a folding smartphone with a hinge to the case. In addition to this, the pull-out Display to make sure that the concept of a Smartphone from TCL, with a thickness of 9 mm and are comparatively thin.

A smart phone with two hinges

A new approach to TCL, which was followed by a Smartphone that has two hinges. This means that in the unfolded state, a significantly greater viewing area of an operator. At the time of the two fields of view, there are three of them. The device is intended to be a combination of a Smartphone and a Tablet. Thus, it is possible, we have developed two different hinge types that the SYMBOL of the Dragon, a Hinge and a Butterfly Hinge is a so-called.

The device was a 6,65-inch wide-screen, in the form of 20.8:9), and if you like the look and feel of a modern smartphone. If all three of the display areas are extended on a 10-inch display. The TCL indicates that it was a prototype and fully functional.

A folding Smartphone with two hinges, (see picture: TCL)

The company hasn’t said when-and the prices are outstanding devices that come on to the market. The current information that is likely to be the first one to appear in the model together with the two hinges in the model with rolling mechanism to which you will create then, and only then in the market.

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