The trials of life: a New Video that gives more details about the game


After some short character Videos The story the The trials of life have been published, and shows Square Enix is in right now is a little bit more on a number of issues. In the Video below, the world is presented, again by means of the classes to be informed and it gives you a bit more about the plot. If you haven’t seen much of the game, so we can give you the brand new Video for the heart.

THE TRIALS OF LIFE it appears the 24. April 2020, for the original Move, the PlayStation 4, and PC digitally via STEAM.

Those of you who did pre-order the game at participating retailers for Nintendo’s Move, or a PlayStation 4, or 21. In may of 2020 with a purchase, you receive the DLC “Munchkins accessory”. This is the item of the game, giving the player up to level 10, then after a little more Fighting experience. Pre-order the digital Version via the PlayStation Store, you’ll be given an Avatar and an exclusive Set of the six heroes in the game. It THE TRIALS OF LIFE prior to, or up to 21. It may, 2020 on the STEAM purchase, you will receive the DLC “Munchkins enhancement”, as well as an exclusive in the back.