The update to the best-of-darkness


It is advisable to use light bulbs of Philips Hue, for a Bridge, the second Generation to operate, that is, if a Firmware update is waiting for you, or it is already installed. As of the end of February, there is a Firmware 19370450000 to the Bridge in v2, which has a great appeal to the “older” solutions for lighting and Sound. It is called in the Changelog is “Improved depth of shading, the behaviour of the older lights, and makes sure that the light bulbs may still be more need for rules. It governs the lower level, and you are likely to see even less bright than was previously the case. This is referred to, and then, of course, the lamps, without the Bluetooth feature, and the “deep darkness” also works for Cast products, a Surprise to you, Love, Climax, Aurelle, And Calla, She, Ensis, a Fair, Blooming, Liane, Lily, Muscari, Play, Free, Semeru, Signe, Yet Struana and the Inside.