“The Xbox Series that’s supposed to mean, just before the official opening


We also see in the next Generation of the Xbox in the two models (here: the Xbox One is X, and the Xbox One's)? We also see in the next Generation of the Xbox in the two models (here: the Xbox One is X, and the Xbox One’s)?

Microsoft releases by the end of 2020, with the Xbox, the X Series on the market. So far, so good. However, for a number of months ago, rumors that, in addition to the X-Series is a completely different model in order for it to appear maintain. It was previously under the (not officially confirmed) that the code name of “Lockhart” is a well-known.

Now, a new rumor says that the Xbox is Distracting, allegedly, just prior to the presentation.

Where is the sound? From The Twitter Account Dealer_Gaming. The mainly deals with Xbox problems, and also has the largest Xbox the Podcast on Youtube.

Dealer_Gaming says that we will soon be sharing the first Details for the Xbox that is Distracting.

The play is Distracting in any way?

On the Xbox, Lockhart referred to the technical stripped-down model of the Xbox, X-Series, with powerful Hardware components, the price will be more expensive.

The supposed Hardware Details of the Xbox Lockhart:

  • The eight-core Zen ” CPU’s from AMD at 3.5 Ghz clock rate
  • AMD’s Dsg-enabled GPU, with graphics performance up to 4 Teraflops
  • 12 TO 16 GB OF RAM

Thus, in this model, it would be a bit more powerful than the current Xbox, the One X, but it would come at a similar price in the market. Dealer_Gaming speculated about 300 Dollar.

The name of the system: Lockhart is considered to be the Name of a built-in code, and the System in the end, it is likely that they have different names. The “Range”of names, that is, it has been suggested that Microsoft will be able to use it in Lockhart this is the Xbox one used the “S” to The Xbox S.

How credible is it?

The source for this is a deep subject, and it has, according to several Reddit users that already have a history of pre-information is obtained. However, the sound is like, of course, be careful, because Dealer_Gaming I don’t want to be hearing this message”,” on the origins of what he calls it.

What they said about it: Currently, Microsoft is fully focused on the Xbox, X-Series, and you don’t even expect to make this model work, all of the facts on the table. The idea is that a different model would be, because, currently, it is not to be reproduced, but it is likely to tend to the mess.

In Our Opinion,

We will, however, consider it possible that Microsoft is Generally a second-and-not-so-powerful model of the Next Xbox on the market could bring about, in the end, the company has de-emphasized to continue in the future, a strategy game that focuses more on.

The provision of a low-cost Alternative for entry into the new Generation, it would be more of an Option for the player and going to play in this strategy. A presentation of the model we consider, however, just then, to be realistic, if all of the information for the X-Series is known for.

What does Microsoft say? Microsoft Germany did not want to comment on our request for this to be a rumor.

You are going to buy an Xbox to be Distracting?