These are the prices and release dates (UHD-series)


Samsung has confirmed that the pricing and time of release of their new QLED – and-UHD-TV in the year 2020. So, now you can also make use of the Tv’s to Samsung, the LG’s compare in order to make a better purchasing decision. The company also announced this week that the German price and the time period in nano-cell LCDs as well as OLEDs.

The company has put in nature, it is, of course, are also in the 8-Segment, and there is also a Samsung, of course). From the well-known Samsung QLED Q950T is going to be. Anyone who has an interest and need in the way of life in the year 2020, with the higher price of entry. The Q950T with a 65-inch display and costs 5.999 euros, with a 75-inch display is $ 7,999. The price of the direct predecessor, Q950R (by 2019), there were at 4.999 and is 6.999 Euro. The Samsung is sent to the Q800T a second 8-race series, which is less Dimming zones, but also for a lower price in the store, the counter moves.

Caution should be used in the 4 models. The flagship model of the series, Q95T and Q90T are much cheaper than the previous models, beginning in the year 2019 at the latest, but it is not working directly with the Q90R is comparable to that of last year, the highest of the feelings shown in 4K on the Samsung is offering. Because Samsung has reduced the areas of the Darkening, so that new models of 4K, strictly speaking, it would be more to do with the Q85T / Q80T like for like basis. This makes price comparisons difficult, and it also guarantees the high quality of the 4K QLED, in 2019, will still retain their relevance.

Do you want to know how much does it cost, and when will the new models, which include the Design of the TV-Serif font, The Table, and The treatment is available? As a glance at the table will help you.

The model numberSizeThe price
Q950T (8 QLED)
GQ85Q950TSTXZGThe 85-inch11.999 €
GQ75Q950TSTXZGThe 75-inch7.999 €
GQ65Q950TSTXZGThe 65-inch5.999 €
Q800T (8 QLED)
GQ82Q800TGTXZGThe 82-inch6.799 €
GQ75Q800TGTXZGThe 75-inch5.299 €
GQ65Q800TGTXZGThe 65-inch3.799 €
Q95T (4 QLED)
GQ85Q95TGTXZGThe 85-inch5.799 €
GQ75Q95TGTXZGThe 75-inchFor the price of £ 4499.
GQ65Q95TGTXZGThe 65-inch2.899 €
GQ55Q95TGTXZGThe 55-inch2.199 €
Q90T (4 QLED)
GQ75Q90TGTXZGThe 75-inch3.999 €
GQ65Q90TGTXZGThe 65-inch2.699 €
GQ55Q90TGTXZGThe 55-inch1.999 €
Q80T (4 QLED)
GQ85Q80TGTXZGThe 85-inch4.799 €
GQ75Q80TGTXZGThe 75-inch3.499 €
GQ65Q80TGTXZGThe 65-inch2.199 €
GQ55Q80TGTXZGThe 55-inch1.599 €
GQ49Q80TGTXZGThe 49-inch1.399 €
Q70T (4 QLED)
GQ85Q70TGTXZGThe 85-inch3.999 €
GQ75Q70TGTXZGThe 75-inch2.699 €
GQ65Q70TGTXZGThe 65-inch1.799 €
GQ55Q70TGTXZGThe 55-inch1.299 €
Q60T (4 QLED)
GQ85Q60TGUXZGThe 85-inch3.199 €
GQ75Q60TGUXZGThe 75-inch2.199 €
GQ65Q60TGUXZGThe 65-inch1.499 €
GQ58Q60TGUXZG58-inch1.199 €
GQ55Q60TGUXZGThe 55-inch1.099 €
GQ50Q60TGUXZGThe 50-inch899 €
GQ43Q60TGUXZGThe 43-inchOf 749 €
Q50R (4 QLED)
GQ32Q50RGUXZGThe 32-inch699 €
TU8509 (4-of-Crystal-UHD)
GU65TU8509UXZGThe 65-inch1.199 €
GU55TU8509UXZGThe 55-inch849 €
GU50TU8509UXZGThe 50-inch699 €
GU43TU8509UXZGThe 43-inch579 €
TU8079 (4-of-Crystal-UHD)
GU82TU8079UXZGThe 82-inch2.799 €
GU75TU8079UXZGThe 75-inch1.599 €
GU65TU8079UXZGThe 65-inch999 €
GU55TU8079UXZGThe 55-inch699 €
GU50TU8079UXZGThe 50-inch599 €
GU43TU8079UXZGThe 43-inch499 €
TU7199 (4-of-Crystal-UHD)
GU75TU7199UXZGThe 75-inch1.399 €
GU70TU7199UXZGThe 70-inch1.099 €
GU65TU7199UXZGThe 65-inch899 €
GU58TU7199UXZG58-inchOf 749 €
GU55TU7199UXZGThe 55-inch659 €
GU50TU7199UXZGThe 50-inch549 €
GU43TU7199UXZGThe 43-inch449 €
TU7079 (4-of-Crystal-UHD)
GU75TU7079UXZGThe 75-inch1.299 €
GU65TU7079UXZGThe 65-inchOf 799 €
GU55TU7079UXZGThe 55-inch569 €
GU50TU7079UXZGThe 50-inch469 €
GU43TU7079UXZGThe 43-inchFrom 399 €
In the Framework of the year 2020 (4 QLED)
GQ75LS03TAUXZGThe 75-inch3.499 €
GQ65LS03TAUXZGThe 65-inch2.199 €
GQ55LS03TAUXZGThe 55-inch1.599 €
GQ50LS03TAUXZGThe 50-inch1.399 €
GQ43LS03TAUXZGThe 43-inch1.199 €
GQ32LS03TAUXZG (FULL)The 32-inch549 €
The Are (4 QLED – rotating)
GQ43LS05TAUXZGThe 43-inch1.599 €
The Serif font (4 QLED)
GQ55LS01TAUXZG (white)The 55-inch1.399 €
GQ49LS01TAUXZG (white)The 49-inch1.199 €
GQ43LS01TAUXZG (white)The 43-inch1.099 €
GQ55LS01TBUXZG (blue)The 55-inch1.399 €
GQ49LS01TBUXZG (blue)The 49-inch1.199 €
GQ43LS01TBUXZG (blue)The 43-inch1.099 €