These phones cost from 35.000 euros


Gold, diamond, unique Design – refined, the Smartphones have long since become an object of luxury. The price of this Samsung S20-models, customers could buy many small cars.

The Top-end models from the major Smartphone manufacturers are quite expensive. However, several customers do not seem to be the same, these devices are not luxury enough. The two-party manufacturers have refined and, therefore, the new S20 models of the brand. One of these Smartphones would you go to get a hit, or a Flying on a private jet.

Shell is made of 24-carat Gold

The company’s “gold Genie”, from London, has given the Samsung S20 a Golden outer shell. The 24-carat Gold, so there is a 99.99% pure Gold. Available on models S20, S20-Plus-and-S20 Ultra. What are the technical properties of the equipment, click here to view.

The cheaper models do not, there is 3,397.00 pounds, or the equivalent of about 3,900 euros, and the most expensive model S20 Ultra for $ 4,300. Those interested can pre-order a Gold-smartphone-ever. According to the company, they were reported within one day, 93 the parties involved.

For the full range of the luxury models

The Russian luxury brand, “Facility” has several deluxe versions of the series ‘ S20 in the shop. For example, a black Smartphone is made of titanium or of a model of snake-like interface. In addition to this, Some, have brought many models in the context of the letters play out. The four “aces” with a gold subscription there are from 5,000 euros.

The most luxurious Version of the Smartphone, the to represent the game card “Joker”. Here are some sapphires and rubies are also used. Correspondingly high is also the price of 35 000 euros, the Samsung S20 Ultra-charge. So, it could have also been a number of small car to buy.

Limited Edition

The full range is limited, however. For Smartphones, there are only 21 pieces. Anyone who would like to be, but it’s not an ACE, and the Joker, you can also completely customize your Samsung, the game card on the turn. Here, the price has not been specified, however.

A Problem with the equipment, however, Due to the gold plating, it is not possible to use the wireless charging function of the device.