This is not likely to please the owners of the mobile phones


The Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 is one of the most popular Android Smartphones on the market. It is also a Smartphone, then the Samsung, since its launch on the market, the higher is the value. This has consequences, both positive and negative.

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Samsung-Galaxy-S-10: a Massive loss in value in nine months

All of the Smartphones, Samsung is losing value very quickly. According to the information received from the BankMyCell people who buy used cell phones was the Galaxy S-10 Plus, but it is especially bad at it. Just nine months ago, the phone lost the 45,26% of its value. Therefore, the price has gone down by half in a year’s time. The normal Galaxy-S-10, at least, 43,78% reported ZDNet. Both of them, however, it is not a good sign when you have bought an Galaxy-S-10, or Galaxy-S-10-Plus-for about 1000 euro, and after a couple of months ago, only a little more than half a turn.

In comparison, A iPhone, UP you have only lost a 21.55 to% of its value. On the iPhone, the x 23,31) and iPhone M Max 25,51 per cent. While Apple is the manufacturer that is at the top of the Smartphone, which will lose the least value, but the Samsung only on the fifth place. The smart phones from Nokia, Sony and HTC do not lose too much in value. Phones from Google, LG, or Motorola’s, with nearly 60 per cent of the loss, but the worst of it.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 and S-10 in Addition to close.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-10 to be worth the Wait

Samsung Smartphones lose value very quickly, it isn’t anything New. A few weeks after the market start, you can save up to 20% on the recommended retail price. Over time, the price will decrease more and more. The regular S-10 that was sold new in Germany, and in part to the € 500. Has been used for the Smartphone is even cheaper. In the same way, it is likely that this is the case for the new Galaxy S20. Who can resist the temptation to take your Smartphone to see at a glance what they can to save money.