Thus, the mobile phone manufacturer wants to be independent


Due to the sanctions, which the Huawei does not have access to the Google Play Store. The solution: a private App Store. In the so-called “AppGallery” is missing, but it also led to a number of popular Applications. For developers, to attract the attacks of the Huawei now turn to a clever Trick. A prominent example has shown, however, that it may be more difficult than we might think.

The source of the image, and the SAME – for the Raising to the P30 For a

It is a Computer, a game console, or Smartphone – “Software sells Hardware.” Also, in year 2020, are subject to the same principle as the old. what is the best Hardware to Fail, if the software support is lacking. This trade-off is also Raising because of the U.S. sanctions, the Chinese are no longer able to access the newly-launched Smartphones from the Google Play Store. Well, the Alternative of a pick-up truck, and the creators of the will of the people, have Huawei to come up with something that is special to you.

Raising it makes the developers more money

While Google keep is a flat rate of 30% of the revenue generated from the sale of Apps or In-App purchases in the google Play Store, it stops Raising the “AppGallery”, the developers for up to 90%. Gizmo China, it reported, with reference to the General terms and conditions for the Play Store variant of the Huawei. Depending on how expensive an App is, the additional 20% it’s a pride and a source of additional income, and to the developers, in fact, I encourage you enough to take your applications to the Huawei App Store.

The new Huawei Mate, the Xs is in addition to all of the price ranges:

The failure of the Windows Phone app: a Warning example for the Huawei

The money is not in itself sufficient, and that the “AppGallery” it is a success. This is a lesson he had to learn on the Microsoft Windows Phone. A part of the group, an american developer has paid up the money, and then you bring up your Apps in the Windows Phone Store. I brought it to the very end, but nothing in it, and Microsoft has moved to Windows Phone in 2017 will be the final form. WE need to get out of the sanctions continue to exist, they are not permitted American developers to offer their Apps on the Huawei App Store, it does not matter how much money you get to keep the revenue. Huawei still has a lot of work to do before that, “AppGallery” it is a real Alternative to the google Play Store, and you can replace it with the other core Apps of Google.