To enable dark mode

Better for the battery and your eyes

Back in the Dark Mode, the ability to set up the tv in the Background, or the App, on the “Dark” that is hidden from view. This has the advantage that the eye is reduced in a dark environment. In addition, be protected by a new feature of the batteries of the Smartphone Displays-Amoled.

Then, the darkness seem so

In the development of a new feature, it has two aspects to it, in line with the Chat is in the foreground, one of them is to be minimized by the appropriate choice of color for the eye strain and colors are selected on the basis of the System of the iPhone and Android devices. Hence, a good readability will be guaranteed.

In addition to this, you want to make sure that the user can focus on the screen. Therefore, the information of a hierarchy in the development of the dark mode is also an important consideration. For this purpose, the color and the design elements have been used in order to ensure that the most important information stand out.

To set the Mode in the Dark

To be able to the way is dark, as a minimum, the Version of the Application 2.20.64 the fact that it is necessary. The need to Refresh the page it should be displayed automatically. Android users 10, or iOS 13, can enable the dark mode in the settings of the system. The one part of the 9 or earlier versions, you’ll find the Option under settings > Chat- > Design – > Dark.