Upgrade to the optional KB4535996 to your Windows 10 the problem and still no solution


– Cumulative, but optional Upgrade KB4535996 for Windows 10, 1903, 1909, promises to be a very long list of errors that have accumulated since the Windows 10 January 2019 at the latest Update to get rid of it. Apparently, some of the devices on the Windows, however, of the 10 of the user through the Installation of the Update, in the rain, under the eaves: There are consistent reports about a new bug that would cause the Update. Anyone who finds one of these Errors, only to Uninstall the Updates, it is because we have yet to acknowledge the problem, much less a solution to the problem.

KB4535996 that is supposed to fix, according to Microsoft, with the support of, and contribution to, the Upgrading, among other things, on the various blood pressure problems, and also, the tender for the Work of the search in the task bar. Currently, the Update of the errors seem to affect only a small number of users. It is an optional Update, known as D-week-of-4. The week of the month), which acts as a sort of Preview for the March update, we recommend the Installation to suspend in the half, and on the patch of the day 10. Expected to open in March.

An unpleasant Surprise, with the Update, it keeps KB4535996 the accounts of the users of ready-to-use program signtool.exe the software development kit for Windows. The Tool is to be used for the digital Signing of files and Verification of signatures. Users have complained after Installing the KB4535996 on the failure of the program.

The developer, Rafael Rivera, has suggested that the entry WTLogConfigCiScriptEvent has been removed from the store wldp.dll and Microsoft has not tested such an approach is sufficient to result in an error.

After you install the cumulative security update for KB4532693 11. February, 2020, has been applied to some of our users suddenly with a temporary user profile. Now, it seems that some of the Windows 10 users are going to be faced with the Installation of the Update, KB4535996 again or for the first time with this Problem.

This is a bug, “disappears” to, among other things, all of the icons on the Desktop, and the files in the user’s profile. In the majority of cases, the files that are to be found, thankfully, is still in the users on the same Partition as Windows.

In some cases, it helps to have the System, press and hold the shift key down to restart it. Windows 10 to boot into a repair environment, where the start-up process, there is an Option to continue. In the case of some affected users, and the Profiles are not damaged, in addition to the existing user accounts, so that after the start of the session to such an account, the default user profile and re-created by you can be deleted. This will help at all, however, it is only to Uninstall the Updates.

The cause of this error is unknown at the moment; we don’t have it confirmed for KB4532693 right, or something about a fix for the problem completely.

In the forums, and on web pages, some users have complained about the installation of the error with the error code 0x800F0922, 0x80070003, 0x800f0922, 0x8000ffff, and 0x800f0826. The cause is often unknown, especially because they are some of the error codes are not documented by Microsoft, or a generic errors described above.

The other posts in the forum complaining about issues with the audio output, or performance issues with the instability of the output of the graphics in the Game. Also, to be isolated, reported to the freeze-up, and the booting of the system or it Blue Screens.

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