What Rival Yanet Garcia? Samadhi Zendejas competes with tremendous rearguard


Samadhi Zendejashas caused anger in the outbreak as the possible new rival Yanet Garciathe ex – girl of the weather for the title of “The Best Backline” in Instagram.

What Rival Yanet Garcia? Samadhi Zendejas competes with tremendous rearguard!

Samadhi Zendejas presumed his rear Is better than Yasmin Garcia?

Known for playing a young Jenni Rivera in “Mariposa de Barrio”, the soap opera Telemundo on the life and career of the “Great Lady”, Samadhi Zendejas has begun to attract attention in social networks, especially Instagram for sharing your exercise routines in the style Yanet Garciaas well as the results of these.

Lifestyle fitness has begun to bear fruits and its 2.5 million followers on Instagram comment that the area of their rear as rivals and even outperforms the ex – host of “Today”, Yanet Garcia.

Though Yanet Garcia seems to have found his potential rival, as a personality in Instagram still has the edge with 12.9 million followers in the social network, those who defend its title as the “best backline”.

Yanet Garcia, who can still be called itself, the only inspiration fitness women, still showing off his best attribute, his rear in his publications of Instagram, which gets millions of likes every day.

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What Samadhi Zendejas, the ugly duckling?

Samadhi Zendejas has jumped to the fame thanks to his interpretation of Jenni Rivera in “Mariposa de Barrio”but the actress 25 years of age he made his debut in soap operas with “Dare to Dream” of Televisa.

In the novel, starring Danna Paola, Samadhi Zendejas gave life to Amaya, one of the best friends of Ducky in 2009.