WhatsApp: 9 fatal mistakes you should avoid strongly

I think WhatsApp is used all over the world for more than two billion people. However, you should avoid heavily-nine fatal mistakes in your usage.

A lot of times already in the past, there was concern about the safety and security of the Messengers, from WhatsApp to it. Mainly due to a failure in the technique of the procedure. However, you can be sure that your safety and security when the crop is improved by a group of nine of the fatal WhatsApp Error to avoid it.

WhatsApp error: This 9, you should avoid

Aside from the obvious Chat-error, such as carelessness in the handling of personal information and there are a whole host of others, and that is recommended by the least a problem. You can, however, put at risk its security on a sustained basis, or by making sure that the WhatsApp you get stuck in the short hand. This is what happens when you are in violation of the terms and conditions of use of the Messengers.

You can avoid the t-online.de collected from the nine errors are found, you can equip yourself against almost any eventuality:

  1. All the pictures directly to the Chat record
  2. Auto-save media
  3. A part of the group on the left
  4. Off the Online Status
  5. Forget about the number on the phone and re-register
  6. To select the name of the group that you are in breach of the following terms and conditions of use
  7. Display messages on the lock screen
  8. The use of groups such as the Spread
  9. Share Status Updates from all your contacts

But, you may Chat only the errors that jeopardize your safety and security. In addition to this, you should upgrade urgently to a Chat, if you haven’t done it yet. After all, it is a nastier Hack ensures that the records of the conversations of Strangers to see. A WhatsApp Upgrade you can get, in addition, significantly more of the truth.

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