Why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not found a divorce agreement


The road takes a divorce in Hollywood is never predictable. There are those that flash, and those who keep 10 years. No one should be surprised, therefore, that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittthe former Golden couple of the world cinema, between an heir and a millionaire six children together, have not yet found an agreement soddisfacente for both to surprise three years after the announcement the end.

At the beginning it seemed that the biggest obstacle for the signing of the separation would be the children, d. h., your case. The actress, because at the beginning she asked ZaharaThe 14-year-old Shiloh13 , i twins Knox and Vivienne, 11, Maddox, 18,and Pax, 15, lived exclusively with her. Those were the days in which Pitt is the subject of a Fbi should be investigation over alleged mistreatment in the family, and abuse of alcohol the topic was not yet dead and buried. The actor, who, we remember, responded and began several months of litigation, without taboos. To the (wise) decision to the will of the thread of the six with the two, a mediator from outside and try to reach an agreement.

In the year 2018, the interests of the children, and by a kind of dthe joint custody. So Brad, in the last year managed to recover, at least in part, relationship to the children, initially, a compromise of the separation. He and the guys spent together with the summer in Los Angeles, while mama Angelina was on the set.

But now that the end of the process of the divorce, seemed to be in the next second The Blast the couple would be another big point of contention: the division of the immense wealth, economic. Why the two were together for 10 years (two years of marriage), and a large part of what you have, have you together. For this they have asked the court of justice more time to analyze and then share your financial situation.

Pitt would have, then, presented to apply documents to the court to go forward in the process a judge in private. For the court of Los Angeles, what is allowed, provided that the ex-couple covers the cost of the administration of the new judge. And Angie has agreed to extend the time for the process. In particular, the biggest problem relates to the Château Miraval, the enormous French castle, surrounded by vineyards, which the two bought together in the year 2011 and the beginning of inherit to the children. But Maddox is already of full age and complicate things. Miraval, it is also the location of your romantic wedding.

According to sources in the proximity of the two, but this time the tone of the discussions is “very friendly” and, therefore, an agreement should not be difficult, that makes both of you happy. In the other, that the atmosphere today leave all the others, you just understand both of them. Pitt told how you, also thanks to the help of alcoholics anonymous, is now a new person. Angelina and added: “After the divorce I felt lost, but today I found again myself“.


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