You find 2 with a 120-Hz Display: the Oppo has a Galaxy S20-Killer.


The Chinese Smartphone giant Oppo, the Find X2. The Smartphone is Packed with the best Hardware you can get today. This is a very serious competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S20, but also in a way that is similar to be costly.

In Germany, it is the Oppo that is still fairly unknown, despite the fact that the manufacturer of the Smartphone, with nearly 8 percent of the global market, and in 2019 at the latest, the fourth-largest Smartphone manufacturer. This is all the more remarkable because the Chinese are not, or are only indirectly, represented some of the leading markets as of yet.

That was, until Recently, also in Germany, in February, Oppo launched with a chic eye-catcher, Reno 2 is here, officially. Now, the not-so-new newcomers have shown to Find X 2-Approx.

Classy, but not outstanding

The Design plays on the Oppo-car-less-of-a-function, Find-X series is designed to appeal to users who like to go to the Hardware. This is especially true for the Pro version, which has yet to offer a little bit more than the Standard model.

OPPO Find 2 Series_3.jpg

Oppos Find the X2-series, features Hardware the Best.

(Photo: Oppo)

Visually, the Find the 2 most Standard goods. The front-facing camera wouldn’t shoot it through a hole in the left-hand side of the screen, you could keep it on the first look at Huawei Q30, For. Well, the Design of the 5G-smartphone-is-chic-and stylish – not just the extraordinary or refined.

It is interesting to note that Oppo is offering with the device, with the back made of ceramic and faux leather (Pro). Not very well, is that the “simple” model, it is only protected to IP54, against the splashing of the water, and only in the Pro version, as well as a true flagship for the IP68 leak-proof.

A magnificent Display, and have a strong inner life

The flagship of the Oppo Find 2, the one-of-a 6.7-inch Amoled display, which takes up more than 93 per cent of the Front of it. Among other things, that it is with a pixel density of 512 in high signal to noise ratio, and extremely sharp, can be lit with up to 1,200 Nits is very bright, and it offers maximum resolution, a refresh rate of 120 Hertz (Hz). Samsung has provided the piece of work that is due to the high sampling rate of 240 Hz and it is also very sensitive. Below the Display, an optical system, a finger is hidden in the fingerprint sensor.

The interior is also excellent. Powered to Find a 2 for Qualcomm’s new Chip the Snapdragon 865, access to the 12 gb of memory, high-speed internet (LPDDR5). In addition, the Flash memory is working with the STATES is 3.0, according to the latest Standard. The X2 has 256 GB of on-Board, and the Pro version is only 512 MB. A battery with a 4200, or 4260 for a battery of appropriate capacity. The battery pack is completely discharged, it may be as much as 65 watts, very, very quickly and with a full fuel tank.

If it fits in at a higher level

OPPO Find 2 Series_1.jpg

The camera equipment does make a difference.

(Photo: Oppo)

In addition to this, the camera has the Oppo wants to play with the Find-X2-Smartphone-king-of-the class. In the paper, that she would be able to work, even though the pro has clearly the nose in front of you.

The optically stabilized main camera in both models, with a 48-in mega pixels (MP). The Pro is, but it has a larger Sensor (1/1.4″), and provides a trigger for the auto-focus. Help 2-ultra-wide-angle-camera on the 48 -, MP -, in the Standard model, there are only 12. In the same way as in the case of a Television camera. Both of them fade into the background, with the 13-MP, when the it is stable, and this is one that you will Get a click. The X2 has two times, the Hybrid-Zoom, the Pro model, it’s more than ten. Both models can record Video in 4K at 60 frames-per-second (fps).


Technically it can record to 2-Duo processor, most likely, without any of the 108-Megapixel camera Sensor on the Galaxy-Samsung-S20-House. But even with the prices that the Chinese are closer to South Korea too. The Oppo Find X2 costs about 1000 Euro for the Pro, you will have to pay 1200 Euro.

This is a manufacturer and needs to be done in Germany’s name, too brave. On the other hand, the Oppo knows that he cannot and does not want to sell you on the value.