“You’re more finished than David Bustamante”. Singer says this, and then burying him: “I feel sorry for you!”


David Bustamante EFE

March 05, 2020
(15:00 CET)

The who has been involved in the social networks in the last few hours following an interview Fran Perea has been of the fat. And is that the actor and musician has spoken of his new series with the middle The World and has left many with the mouth aviarte with some of your responses.

A Fran Perea that, while it is true that still has its fans in our country, has long passed its peak. A boom that erupted years ago when she starred in the famous series The Serrano of Telecinco.

A series in which helped him to take off as an actor and as a musician. However, with the passage of the years, his presence in the media, on television and in the music industry has gone to less.

The mess with Fran Perea

Now Fran premiere a series called Kosta which, interestingly, has already been released in Finland. And it seems that in nordic lands yes that Perea still has a lot of pull in the media.

At least that is what he himself has pointed out in the aforementioned interview. “II am a ‘sex symbol’ in general! Apart, specifically, in Finland yes. By the looks of it, I was made the man more sexy of 2008.” says the singer and actor.

And continues in this sense: “Really, being sexy or not, does not seem to me a merit. It is the genetics that you placed there. It seems to Me more interesting to be a good actor, be a good professional, being a good musician”.

With respect to whether or not it changed with the passing of the years, Fran makes it very clear that remains the same: “I’m still the same. The Fran today is only the sum of what has come after the success that has been much. But, come on, I think I’m still a normal type”.

Some statements that have resulted in lot of criticism in the social networks. Comments such as “Mother of mine, but if no one remembers you”, “you’re more finished than David Bustamante”, “is this who it is?”, “I feel sorry for you!” or “Sex symbol says…there are people who do not understand that their time has passed” as they fly through the networks.