28 years in prison. Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Spain, in shock


March 06, 2020
(14:08 CET)

Scandal Spanish Television. The news that he has walked the corridors of the public entity from the offices of the high fields up to the set of MasterChef.

It has come to light worth requesting Tax Agency through Advocacy General of the State for the actors Tell me, Ana Duato and Imanol Arias.

28 years in prison

In particular, are claimed four years in prison for crime committed, resulting in a total of 28 years prison. The news publishes it The Confidential and the condemnation is sought for alleged tax crimes that are said to have committed between 2009 and 2015. Or not so alleged, it should be remembered that Arias would have returned almost all the money that was defrauded.

Imanol Arias and Ana Duato, punctuated by the papers of Panama.

That is why considered to be the actor that asks for the Advocacy is “excessive”, and hopes that the Office lower your claims, given your willingness to return a good portion of your debt. In this sense, the normal thing when the culprit returns the amount, it is worthwhile to turn around the two years, not to 4 requesting Hacienda.


The crimes included in the framework of the case Nummaria, in which they were created companies screen for defrauding millions of euros. In total 31 the processed, among which are the artists. To it, in addition, blame him for falsification of documentary, while her husband and producer of Tell me, Miguel Angel Bernardeu, would also be put in.

In total, Arias it would have taken some 3 million euros (has returned 2.3 million), while Duato would have bagged two (he returned 800,000 euros), that you would have to add a few 700.000 euros of her husband. The origin of the money is in the proceeds of the series that starred in TVE.

To all this, the public service broadcaster renewed Tell me for two more seasons. If we continue like this, in the series will reach today. And then Imanol and Ana they could represent themselves in the fiction.