Advertising is once again in the critique


Samsung’s Smart TVs to be viewed, how they view advertising. This theme is that every couple of months, first time round, when I was a user with a little bit of range, and then reports it to a social network.

This week, it has been Working Plas, the product has been dropped via a Tweet and set it as “crazy” and its a Samsung Smart TV, uses cookies to serve ads in the user INTERFACE. Got it as a surprise, but Samsung has shown for many years in the advertising world.

A “Problem”, it is well-known for years, and Samsung has been notified, even if not quite so openly. In the image of the product, and the product pages, you will not see the advertisement, but, of course, something like this could scare away users.

Samsung’s advertising can’t be turned off

The response from Samsung, in Germany, on a Tweet? This is normal:

To advertise on our Smart Tv’s it only appears on the Smart Hub. In other parts of the banner are not visible. Your TV enjoyment is not checked during the execution of the program.

Ok, and if it bothers me, but is it really? Bad luck:

Generally speaking, you turn off the flash on Smart Hub is not. Thank you for your Feedback and assure you that Samsung has to take into account the feedback from the client in the development of the product.

I know what Samsung is doing with the Feedback, it lands in the trash, because it is not a short-Shitstorm-in a small Tech-Bubble, but it gets the publicity for a lot of money. Why do you need to do, and this is the case?

Samsung is the solution for a bad product

My model of Samsung is one of them, who came in a couple of years ago, but with ads, so I’m going to see you again, and again. Advertising, to me, it’s now a habit, but it is in the combination, with the miserable policy of the Update is that I’ve already made up my mind: this is Not a Smart TV, the Samsung more.

In Linear television, I watch it now, but it is very rare, and I have found a solution to the Apple TV. Significantly more smooth, SO, more Apps, more Features and no ads. Yes, it is sad that you have to go with a tv that comes at a cost of a four-digit sum, so that’s a step.

It is almost 200 euros extra, but I’d like to, at any time, to take into account. There are also cheaper solutions with the Amazon or the Android TV, but you’ll also find some of the advertising. In some way, then you should start with a low-price, Sim back up.

I’d like to to purchase nowadays, a Smart TV, and the Display quality is the only criterion. As a Smart TV, how good is the picture? The Rest Of It? It doesn’t matter. Apple TV to it and be happy with a simple solution.

Tv Samsung m led to the long-term, and 8 for the short-term success

Samsung wants to sell you to the year 2022, for a total of 5 million models, with a resolution of 8K, and will be offering in March, with a wide range of products. To do this, QLED-models 55, 65, 75, 82, 85 and 98 of the customs authorities. With this selection, you will want as many users as…11. February 2019 at the latest →READ on

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