Aggression and conduct dangerous, Cardi B is delivered to the police after a brawl at a night club


A chair, a hookah and bottles: these are the ‘weapons’ used by the rapper, and note celebrities, television, Cardi B during an attack on two bartender in a night club in New York dating back to last October 29. So, a few hours ago, the musician, already known for his behavior not to miss, it was called by the police – and then put in custody, and then arrested, after he has delivered spontaneously to the authorities – with the accusation of aggression and conduct dangerous. In the meantime, however, according to rumors in Cardi B would have already been taken to the footprints and made the mugshot. The first hearing is expected at the end of October.

The facts: according to the website TMZ Cardi B was at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York, where he was attending a performance of Offset, together with his group, the Migos, when supported by his staff would have started a fistfight with two barmaids in the local, accused by the singer of Bodak Yellow, having sexual intercourse with her husband.

The lawyer of the barmaids, Joe Tacopina, meanwhile, is to know that two girls who were beaten, said: “(Cardi B) Continues to threaten and thinks clearly that his celebrity status will make you get out of this situation. But it doesn’t matter if his name is Cardi B or Carl B… if he commits a violent aggression against it will be brought to justice”. The two girls, despite having reported the bruises and refused medical care.

Last 11 July, the rapper is now a mother of a little girl, Kulture, had to be Offset. On his profile on Instagram, the happy event: “I really need a girl like you,” she wrote, showing a tender image of the little hands of a newborn.

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