And Quentin Tarantino ricreò Brad Pitt (on the ashes of Angelina Jolie)


brad pitt, quentin tarantino

Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino in Cannes, 2019. Photo: Ap

THE US ALMOST 3 YEARS. But Brad Pitt is back. And it is the merit of Quentin Tarantino. The movie you have made, Once upon a time… in Hollywood. She has us discover the fact, because you as a Brad Pitt a divo is true. And not only the product to high consumption of magazines. It was easy to forget. Up to a tomorrow of 3 years. It was mid-september of 2016, when the news of the separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has made the rounds in the world. Surprised friends, and a good one, like George Clooney. Brad was destroyed to a man. Human. In a professional manner. To banish the ghosts of bulky. As alcohol is. To reconsider with a new relationship and with the children (with a minimum of 5, because the largest, Maddoxapparently not, it always wants to know). A lot of patience and a thorough examination of conscience: so, Brad Pitt has been trying to climb. And in the city where everything is possible, two movies, a in series to the other, in no way the task of the miracle. Hollywood closely to him. Also, because of the antipathy for the Jolie is stronger than the self-confessed conformism patina of Tinseltown against an alcoholic out of control.

In the first few months, he has hinted several times, looked like a boxer played. However, in these difficult times, someone suddenly moved to help him. Brad knew Quentin Tarantino. The Director had him directly, with some success, in the year 2009 Inglourious basterds. A beautiful experience for both of you, even if you assign together the different points of view of the cinema. Maybe neither of them has expected to breed again on the way, to make you so impressive.

Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino

Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino on the set of ” once upon a time… in Hollywood

But the part of Cliff Booth, stuntman, and friend of the stars in the demise of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Once upon a time… in Hollywoodwritten tailor-made for him seems. And the role is! It allows Pitt to Express themselves, without dependence on the charm like few other times. A character – and it is a paradox – the more thoughts, action, Brad. Quentin Tarantino gave the actor the chance, the right thing at the right time. Us the Brangelina forget. And your crazy race around the world. By in the shadow-Chronicles – always heart-wrenching – a marriage that is broken by the inclusion of the children. He reminds us, because we were all sort of in love with Brad at one time or another in our lives.

And the numbers of dizziness come to the box office around the world Once upon a time… in Hollywood they are just icing on the cake. In Italy, the debut record for a film by the Director of Knoxville. Because you, a see in addition to the other Brad and Leonardo in a beautiful film, it’s more than the hormones.

Brad Pitt is born again. From the ashes of Brangelina. Thanks To Quentin Tarantino. And also thanks to the other film, in one of the darkest moments of his life. Ad Astra it’s not glam, how Once upon a time… in Hollywood. This appearance of superficiality playful trademark of Tarantino. It is a film is an introvert. Looking after yourself through as someone who has given us life. a movie physically far away from the world. And anyone who has seen him (in Italy, comes out on 26. of september) already in reviews excited. There are those that causes it to claim that this is the most beautiful film about the space of the last few years. In addition to the better performance of Brad Pitt from the time.

The impact of this rebirth, but it is not just professional. Him you obviously read on the face. In the eyes of the lenses of the photographers cross paths on the red carpet, how to show the collected photos in the gallery above. Effects you notice are that the ease with which kids with Ellen DeGeneres, who told you had a history with his ex-girlfriend. Or Jimmy Fallonin a schetch hilarious on the food for the Tonight Show. Thank you Quentin, Brad was missing to us really.