Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper together?


We go now straight to the point, bluntly: Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper together. Maybe it is better to use the conditional, and also still a question mark.

The tabloid New idea a few days ago, has this bomb, but its not even the trace of a proof. But nevertheless, gossip has exploded and all the talk of “Brangelina 2.0”.

According to a report in the magazine, Angelina and Bradley would be, were spotted together in Disneyland on June 23. august of this year with your children. In many of the screaming, the fake news, because it seems that the encounter was purely by chance.

But you know the fans like to have a chat. And see, the message has the world in the shortest possible time. The concerns are many. Such as, for example, but it is possible that Angelina steps of a flirt with all of this ease? It had not tried, with Chris Hemsworth just a few days ago? And Bradley was gone, along with Lady Gaga? What a mess!

We are forced to believe, in the end, none of these relationships has ever existed.