Angelina Jolie, usa, son Maddox to blackmail Brad Pitt?


According to a report in the tabloid Americans “Page Six“, Angelina Jolie would be with the son Maddox against the ex-husband Brad Pitt. It is, as it is a insider of the couple, which he reveals to the magazine that the recent interview by Maddox about his father, would be proof that the actress, who with the son, because of the not met by the agreement divorce and ridiscutere to some of the terms.
Maddox has a bad relationship with his adoptive father, from the day that the actor struck him, because he is in the midst of armed between him and Jolie, the defense of his mother, she is very connected. The dispute culminated with Brad Pitt, he banged his fist on Maddox while the whole family was in the flight on a private jet in 2016 would be the cause of the final break between the two, despite the countless attempts from Pitt and will be awarded.

The fact that for the first time in Maddox is not escaped, to be the reporter, and in fact to stand still, specifically, to interview, not to answer but only questions his father, he has never spoken before in public, and with whom one speaks, not even in private, as suspicion several insiders. Brad Pitt, Maddox, the questions of the journalists asked him, responded in a very loose, of what he the status of his relationship to him: “What can I tell you? It’s going to happen, what must happen“. Then, when the opportunity for a visit in paterna on the campus of the University where this year she is studying biochemistry, she answered only vaguely and repeated, yet, sibillina mente: “I know nothing about it…it will Happen what has to happen“.
But what is this that you must call “pass” you, in many, is what really meant to say, the guy with these words.

Maddox, is a newcomer to the “Yonsei University in Seoul,” South Korea) “it appeared strange, and it seemed ready for the interview, as if the Jolie would be placed in the mouth to say the words, because they came clear to the father threat if you do not agree to a new negotiation Maddox never not want him“said one insider to the “Page Six”.
That was for Brad Pitt l’summer holiday with his children, and finally, all together and without the presence of a’social workers convey your conversations. Since the divorce in 2016, Pitt could his see 6 childrenthree natural (Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne, and three adopted, with the help of Jolie (Pax, Zahara and Maddox – but the latter is almost never present at the talks with the father) only in the presence of a third party and never alone.
Was the Jolie was ask in person, last July, of the care of the children full-time this summer, while she was busy on the set of the new film from Marvel, “Eternals“. And the actor was not available and true. But, it seems, the truce with the ex-wife took.
Does everything you, pulls the rope as he wants, ricattando Brad with the weapon of the children and also the interview of Maddox is proof of this strategy“the insider “Page Six”. The magazine has tried to contattatare the two actors, to comment on, but without response.

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