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There is a new piece of Information, and the Update of the C&C Remaster, and after that, AND it has recently talked about the new features. This Time it comes to the theme of the FMV sequences, i.e., the Full-Motion Videos, which are played out in Command & Conquer, which is traditionally a large piece of paper. And here is the curious Situation that between the time sequences of a better quality than the game’s real-time graphics, it is on the Remaster, but the other way around from the findings.

C&C’s Remaster: The search for the Original

EA Producer Jim Vessella explains, in a Video Update, that is, by the end of 2018 at the earliest, the beginning of the remaster project, one of the biggest questions was how to deal with the issue in the FMV-scenes. It is only now that we are ready to describe the approach that you have chosen. First of all, you have to be at the start of the access to the Original video files, but only for the super-compressed to 320 x 200 Video clips. But then it was pointed out that the year 2013 has closed with the Victory Games Studio, who was then responsible for the C&C, it would appear that many of the Originals were still visible. By a happy coincidence, they were saved from being irretrievably destroyed. Thus, Vessella, in January of 2019 at the latest in EA’s Los Angeles-Westwood’s Assets across different types of media for storage, backup, and encamped in the “”dungeon” was. It felt like an Indiana Jones, a rummage in the archives. It has lasted for hours, in order to cover all the material.

In the Video, Vessella, shows, among other things, a magnetic tape, kassettte of the range Sony D2M-64M, since the year 1995, which included the original recording from Westwood for C&C: Tiberium conflict. Unfortunately, it was a very rare Format, and Vessella conclusion, finally, I have found only one company in the whole of the West coast of the united states, and that he had the Equipment to scan the contents of the tape. And then the real let-down: at the Time of the Original video that came in to get the files to show the scan, he was back-up copies of the style of the series, the quality was poor.

For comparison: the original video is against the ” Upscaling

For comparison: the Original signal, and the I-Upscaling (1)

Source: EA

For comparison: the Original signal, and the I-Upscaling and (4)

Source: EA

For comparison: the Original signal, and the I-Upscaling and (2)

Source: EA

For comparison: the Original signal, and the I-Upscaling and (3)

Source: EA

C&C’s Remaster All from the beginning

So it was in the beginning. It was not inconceivable for the Team to use the original files in any Way. Thus, the theme of the Video is Upscaled, by the AI came on the scene, with which the Community had been involved in. The original video was only 15 Fps (frames per second, so that you don’t just want to increase 320x-200-pixel resolution, but it is also a frame rate of 30 frames per second. In addition, the poor quality of the audio needs to be improved. After a couple of months ago, it had been found to be in co-operation with the Community, the algorithm provided very good results. In the Video, the first of the comparisons between the game’s original, pixelated cutscenes, and the KI-enhanced sequences are to be seen.

With this technique, it is now in all of the scenes. In fact, he’s going to use that as a starting material, the console versions of the Movies, because they are in MPEG as the basis of the best quality. Only twelve of the Videos that have been used for an unknown reason, and never in the console versions, you must lower the quality of the output, you’ll notice when you Play in a row. They are not exclusive to the console, the Video for the first time, it’s also for the PC. E: You can make the points-of-View of Westwood’s Assets to a lot of B-Roll Videos you have never seen someone from outside of developer studio. This is about a four-hour comprehensive Material that is delivered to the C&C’s Remaster of a so-called Bonus-photo gallery – C&C-Fans are likely to enjoy.

The Video review is supposed to start, according to EA, “a special week for Command & Conquer Remaster”. Already on Monday, you should not be in the C&C Subreddit for more information.

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