Controversy in Miami for a video of twerking recorded in a public school

The dancer Nastya Nass it is a recognized instructor of twerking that has gained great importance in the digital world after you have impressed with their dances to the artists of the songs that she dances to. Among them, Daddy Yankee, Cardi B, or J Balvin. In its counter-followers Instagram has 6.9 million followers and his videos have great popularity among users of the social network.

However, one of their latest videos, filmed in the city of Miami on the 22nd of February has sparked a lot of controversy for having been recorded without the authorization required in the gym of the institute of Miami Beach.

The video was recorded last February 22, but it was not until the 28th of that month the young Ukrainian shared it on its Youtube channel, where accumulated 177 thousand reproductions. It can be viewed as together with a group of dancers moves to the beat of the song Yikes of Nicki Minaj.

According to local media, the school district of the county of Miami-Dade is not very pleased with this video, since that would have been recorded without the necessary authorization.

Although none of the platforms on which it has shared the video appears the location or the label of the school of Miami Beach, the place has been recognized by the colors and ornaments of the walls.

The responsible of this negligence would be Jacob Shaw, the coach of the basketball team of the institute, who would have allowed the instructor make this video of twerking in the gym. So what has been communicated by the spokesperson of the district Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, who declared: “Shaw allowed Nass and his team to use the gym without authorization.”

In addition, he added that being a video for promotional purposes, could have legal consequences.

On the other hand, in the video does not appear students of the college and up to the time the basketball coach has refused to give a statement about it.

According to one of the girls who was present in the class CiberCubawhen they arrived there were children coming out of the gym, but not started until all were out. “When we entered there was still people that were not of our class, and carried out,” he said through an instant messaging application.

At present, the incident is still under investigation.