Demi Lovato on her drug abuse: The first time I was sober was when I was 19


Demi Lovato she was invited to Ellen DeGeneres Show to present the progress of their new single and talk about this new stage musical, but also be honest about their emotional problems and the circumstances that led her to suffer a terrible overdose in 2018.

Demi Lovato speaks without filters: “The first time I was sober was at 19”

Demi Lovato performs “Anyone” on the Grammys 2020

The ex – girl Disney revealed that were their eating disorders, particularly bulimia and the extreme control of his team which led her to fall back into drugs and alcohol.

“The first time I was sober was when he was 19, an age at which it is assumed that you should not drink it at all…

…My bulimia turned into something horrible, I asked for help but then it was there when not got. I was sober for six years, but it was miserable so I thought: ‘I have six years sober and I’m miserable, why am I still sober?‘”.

After his team denied the help they asked for, Demi Lovato fell into drugs until he eventually had an overdose.

“I drank and I went to a party where there were other things. This was three months before they end up in the hospital with an overdose”.

Demi with eating disorders

Demi Lovato of 27 years of agehe confessed that for years his own team pressed to stop eating and undergo unhealthy diet.

“For years I didn’t even have a birthday cake, was a cake made of watermelon: cut watermelon in the shape of a cake and put whipped cream on top…

…If I had to stay in a hotel, they got the phone in my room so that he could not order food from room service and if you had fruit the drew because that was extra sugar”.

Demi Lovato confessed to his request for help prior to the overdose, he went to his own team, but was denied: “I sent a message to my team then and I responded by saying, ‘you’re being very selfish. This will ruin things not only for yourself but for us also’”.

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