Ex-well-known and new sweet in the middle of the showbitz, the five couples, the lack of us


You have us to dream with their love story, between a film set and a pedestrian bridge. You have enchanted us on the red carpet events, and glamour come hand in hand, they exchange glances, accomplice, and even some of the outpouring of passion. With the same intensity with which she is born, her love in the same way, the passion, the bound in you is extinguished. Some of them passed years. There are those who has a life again, to start a family, and who continue to remain in contact. Here are five (ex pairs), showbitz, that we are to repent and excite us still.

The fault of the set

The most famous in the history of it remains, the (more) beautiful Jennifer Anistonfrom left , Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie. The star’s Friends and Hollywood stars were together for seven years, five of them married. Then the lightning came on the set of ” Mr & Mrs Smith and the encounter with the beautiful Angelina continued in the crisis, the already unstable marriage between the two. After 15 years of so, also the second wedding with Jolie failed, and the two of them, to court for custody of the children. No one will ever know what I really thought, the Aniston knowing the end of their marriage, but one thing is for sure, the looks, the complicity and affection between the two continues to enthrall.

The couple of vampires, and more hot from 2000

Have glued in front of the screen, thousands of people from all over the world, was Edward and Bella, the protagonist of the cult saga about vampires and werewolves TwilightAnd it is precisely on this set, they are in love, to wear in real life, this overwhelming love that he had power outlet in front of the stain. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson a few were, from 2009 to 2013, both shy and always on the run from the bullets and from the paparazzi. To the Stewart, busy on the set of Snow white and the huntsmannot Director Rupert Sanders, was photographed in love, in relationships, intimate. Meanwhile, Robert, after he has a relationship with the singer FKA Twigswould have found love, in addition to the model and actress Suki Waterhouse. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams it did become whether the protagonists of a fairy tale, real, in love and full of passion from the time of The Notebook and the past history of this intense kiss is exchanged, on the stage of the MTV Movie Awards. But steal the heart of Ryan was Eva Mendes in the year 2011, of which the plaintiff two little girls had. Just a few photos and a lot of privacy have certainly contributed to the McAdams.

Galeotto was the backstage

Rails for a long and happy history of love and darkness Orlando Bloom and the angel of Victoria’s Secret Miranda Kerrwell-known for the first time in 2006, directly into the backstage area of a fashion show of the famous lingerie brand, is the. A son, and a few years after the wedding, have decided to separate their paths. Today, both seem happy and cheerful on the side of the new sweet mid -, Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, and Katy Perry, for the model, a large fan has admitted, and in the video-the last song has been revealed, is pregnant with her first child. A happy ending for all, in fact.

Even before they met, turned a gossip about you, as you wanted to. Driven by the fans and the manager by him in a concert met in the backstage Coldplay and a year later, in 2003, the two married. Ten of marriage and two children later, but Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have placed, their love story was presented in such a way that mutually and friendly, like the same actress. Very reserved, never out of place, the ex-couple Martin have never shown, to separate the actual motives that led you to be. The mutual esteem and affection that bring them together remains, for example, on the occasion of the wedding of producer Brad Falchuk. And to think that we’d all hoped, to bring joy and forever this love, which is set in the position that Chris sang Fix you.