Galaxy S20 Ultra, on an absolute hardness test ⊂·⊃


The Name of the Galaxy S20-Ultra program? Zack JerryRigEverything testing whether or not the Smartphone that is ultra-stable. You guessed it: The cult of YouTuber that has led to the mobile phone, as many of the devices previously properly in the defect.

In the Video, he starts off as usual with a scratch test. First of all, He’s edited on the screen with a carpet knife. It is not bad (at first), but it’s just the plastic that Samsung installs from the factory on my S20 Ultra. In fact, the screen, the difficulty is nothing. You should not take on the movie, and that’s why she is doing all the work.

Galaxy S20, Ultra: all the buttons are in the mouth?

On the screen, in and of itself (without protective film) is formed by a tool with a hardness of 6 to zero. At Level 7, and all the Tools to leave the most profound traces. The Samsung phone is on a Level with all the other Top models. It was nice to have real glass in your Hand, so that the biting commentary of the Characters.” It is a test of strength with the samsung Galaxy Z and Flip.

As a Tester, this is also the case with the knife shown being treated badly: The samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-performance to be better or worse than any other device. What is surprising, however, is the Power Button and the volume up / down buttons on the case to remove.

– Camera: the Large and well-protected

The biggest selling point of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera. The module will be extended to 2.4 mm from the housing. You can see in the Clip also, how much of the Hardware you are dealing with. Only the periscope camera is great. This is protected behind the glass, but also from external influences.

The solid, the samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is also a very good (a bit of practice, relevant proof-of-concept. Even though Zack is holding up his lighter for 30 seconds and then the Display is not a problem. In addition, the fingerprint sensor on the Display comes on to the bench. You can take your Smartphone, apparently with your Finger to unlock the screen at that point, the risks to be serious.

In the bending test, the samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-minimal, more than that, for example, the Galaxy-S-10. This is the immense size of the absolute, the Samsung is probably due to the well-known. So you don’t damage it, though. This is the first Tester that checks for the S20 Ultra-on the strength. There is, among other things, is an interesting one to try.