Gracia Querejeta (‘Invisible’): “Many women are going to feel identified, but also many men”


What happens to women once they have met the 50? That is what raises Gracia Querejeta in his new movie. The director of works as a ‘crime Wave’ or ‘Siete mesas de billar francés’ returns to the big screen with ‘Invisible’, a story of three friends: Elsa, Julia and Amelia. Each one is very different from the others, with their respective issues and concerns. The three women used their morning walks to talk and discuss about these concerns and about the situation of their lives.

We have had the opportunity to talk with Querejeta and actresses protagonists of the film, Emma Suarez, Nathalie Poza and Adriana Ozores, about how you have been emerging this particular project and about the role that the adult women in our current society. “There are many things still that needs to be changed and many things happen very serious, it is something that you have to transform it from education”said Suarez. Nathalie Poza has also wanted to give their opinion on the movie: “‘Invisible’ touch places in us that also does not always like it, but maybe to men they may cause a certain curiosity”.

What expectations do you have?

The director has also talked about what are the expectations of the public who see the ribbon, and how you are going to be able to see you have identified the audience in these characters. “I think that there are many women who are going to feel identified with what happens to the three protagonistsbut I’m also discovering that many men can relate to,” said Gracia Querejeta.


‘Invisible’ hits theaters Spanish on the 6th of march and delivery up of Suarez, Poza, Ozores, Blanca Portillo, Fernando Cayo, and Pedro Casablanc. Querejeta signs the direction and the script, written together with Antonio Mercero.