‘Grey’s anatomy’: The fans are very unhappy with the end of Alex Karev

Beware of SPOILERS!

*This article reveals what happens in the chapter 16×16 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

After 16 years as part of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Justin Chambers, aka Dr. Alex Karev, decided to leave the ABC series in November 2019. As his departure caught many by surprise, the creators were not able to give him a farewell worthy of a character like yours, so that on march 5, 2020 decided to issue an episode answering all of the questions that followers had been raised about the character, thinking that it would be more reasonable and dignified as possible… but the fans don’t agree.

  'Grey's anatomy'

To the creators of the series they sounded very well that Karev would have had to leave to take care of his ex-wife (that is still in love with) and their twin sons, which has never seen before, and those who were born thanks to the sperm with frozen sperm of their father. If all that wasn’t enough, Karev sent three letters: one to Meredith, another one to Miranda, and the last one to Jo, his current wife, who left him shattered. After airing the episode waves of fans are protesting on social media against what they had done with the characterand they wondered: was this necessary?

“Alexander Karev has a son and a daughter with the fucked up Izzie Stevens”.

“Just because you have children with someone does not mean that you have to leave your WIFE for someone who left you”.

“This is my favorite way to understand it. Revelémoslo: “I’m going to assume that Izzie will kidnapped and murdered, and sent all these letters so that no one would suspect that it hides the body under the porch. This is my end!””.

What was it in hearing?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ‘Leave a Light On’, the episode aired on the 5th of march, reached the audience maximum in six weeks, having been seen live by 6.3 million viewers.

The farewell final of Justin Chambers has marked to many, despite the fact that there has not been the first to go of the series, as did previously other as Sandra Oh or Patrick Dempsey. Even so, the viewers are especially upset with this ending and do not accept the romance between Karev and Izzie, or the painful abandonment to Jo.

Will have to be content with what we have and, despite the fact that there will be no more Doctor Karev, the series has already been renewed for season 17.