If the Hollywood is the star with the ex (no drama)


17. may 2019 – 13:48

To work In the next episode of the “X-Men” Jennifer Lawrence, again, in addition to the old flame Nicholas Hoult. Here are the most famous cases

of Francesco Tortora

Working with your ex is always an ordeal, especially if you are a Hollywood star. The People reported, the magazine presents various cases in which characters of the star system has played, in addition to an old flame, without great trauma. The last life a similar experience have to say Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, who have recently returned, you, one next to the other, on the set of “X-Men – Dark Phoenix”, film in the saga of Marvel. The couple announced in 2010, while the first Chapter in the series, and began a relationship duration of 4 years. Today, both have a new partner. Hoult is a model Bryana Holly, a daughter, in april of 2018. Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to be married in January officially with the gallery owners in new york, Cooke Maroney. Jennifer says: “the films of The X-Men were my life for so long. I also had to work a long-standing relationship during the filming and then my life turned around completely, and this world.”



17. may 2019 | 13:48