If you are upgrading from 4K to 8K is worth it for the average viewer barely

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The Studio, Warner brothers. he commissioned a study, the question was whether the viewers see the difference between 4K and 8K, and if so, how much of a benefit it is. The difference is, and if that was the case, a lot of times, because of the improvement in subjective and unreliable.

In the CES for 2020, it quickly became clear that the 8 is supposed to be the next big thing-theme from the tv, the manufacturer, in 4K, not a one-time or UHD devices in the area covered. But the Upgrade is worth it? Technically speaking, the number of Pixels is doubled in this Update, but the pleasure is greatly improved? Want to know how in the Warner Bros. and it was the conduct of the study.

You have requested that only 139 people in the test, in the laboratory, and placed them in front of a UHD OLED TV. In short, various Clips were shown, which were, later on, in an 8K-OLED-TV from LG. In addition to this, the 1.5 and 2.7 metres have been completed through the gears, with the two seats in between. The presentation of the Material herein has been, a Mixture of 4K and 8K are marked with A and B in the third group, the control of which has been solved by A and B, shown Material, all of it with the 4K. In addition to this, the 4K Material is not supplied to the TV screen, so that the Algorithms from the expected, a smart AI, the contents of it.

The result is a cause for concern, the one that had been expected. The volunteers were told that the 8-the Material is just a little bit better than the 4K Stuff. People with particularly good eyesight was about 1.5 meters in front of the 88-inch device, it’s probably just that they didn’t want to sit down, really, to not more than 88 cm, and for a longer time, as close to the device. At 2.7 m, but the resolution was not a difference in weight.

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In the end, you have come to the conclusion that the difference between 8K and 4K, is it’s great for the user, but it is subjective, it is not so much a pleasure as a change from 720p to 1080p, or 2160p. A similar effect is when there is a change of the repetition rates. From the 60 to the 120 or 144 frames per second, you’ll notice a more pronounced difference and it is 240 or more Fps (frames per second, it is sometimes still perceived, but the perception of the advantage that it does not weigh too heavy.

On the PC, the monitors, the topic of 8K, might be able to use it, however, the situation is different, because you’re stuck here for a very, very, very much closer to the Panel, on the other hand, all the applications and games on the high pixel density. However, the question remains, however, on the TV, such as in the PC business, the acquisition of materials. In the TV and film business today, is typically used at a resolution of between 2.5 K and 5K raw material; on the PC you need to the natives of the acceleration of the 3-D webbing on the 8 is already a lot of power of computation, in order to achieve a Single-GPU card at the Moment, only with a significant commitment, such as a lack of Detail. For the High-End cards-if you 2160p60), is currently a major challenge.

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