Jennifer Lawrence: how has lose is to what role he has to win an Oscar


David O. Russell, the host of the Tribeca Film Festival with Jennifer Lawrence revealed that the actress almost, with which you won the Oscar.





Jennifer Lawrence has won Oscar with only 23 years of age with the film, on The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook. But, according to a statement from Director David O. Russell – the Joy and American Hustle has directly that Lawrence has really been missing and not in this part.

The curious anecdote Film Festival, both the film’s Director was told at the Tribeca Jennifer Lawrence guests on Saturday were. David O. Russell explains that the list of actors drawn in consideration for the role was really long, and Jennifer was just the last in the standings: “We all thought you were too young for the part, and there were many other performers in front of you“. But something has convinced you that the insider give her a chance, it has even impressed a little that colleagues on the set of Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper: “When it came, was like a diamond in the rough, without self-consciousness and without fear. He entered the stage like a hurricane and left completely speechless. Has a special energy, something that does not belong in a old and not a boy, he is easy, but always intense and focused When we shot the first scene I remember in the hands of a new talent, one who knew how to and keep the room“.

Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from

Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from ” The Silver Linings Playbook

After a year, Jennifer Lawrence was about to lose risked, but this time, too many obligations, and other of his roles iconic: is deceptive in American Hustle – The bogus. Russell was convinced, however, that there is no actress at the best for the part, according to Rosalyn Rosenfeld, a scenario presented. Beyond the writing light, and the all-star cast of co-protagonists, there are only two things to accept that convinced Jennifer, as he tells you himself: “I asked crazy: “can I get a full head of hair, long painted nails and a personality,? If Yes, then accept it!“. And who knows, that Rosalyn has something to write, together with the next role, David O. Russell, as he reveals in the preview of the New York stage, his exuberant muse.