Like Cardi B has conquered America


One thing that I have begun to make the case for a while, maybe because I see myself, are the people who use social with too much ardor. In reality, there is a rule: the embarrassment that I feel before the postatore compulsive is inversely proportional to the amount of money obtained with its practice of self-narration of everyday life. Look at the stories of the components of the Dark Polo Gang or Chiara Ferragni, to say, makes me suffer less – it’s part of their job, I think – of the myriad of videos generated by people that behave like Vip even if they only have a few hundred followers.

If I happened on the profile Instagram from which Belcalis Almanzar, now known as the Cardi B, has started to take the first steps towards success, I would have perhaps tried that embarrassment. The generosity with which she shared for years, every small part of his life, exposed without reservation, I would have seemed insane. A few days ago, I dedicated quite a bit of time to scroll back (to the has today published 6031 post) to go back to the images of when he was less famous. I came to the video where, covered only by a bathrobe and with a towel as a turban, the leather worn, two tiny milk teeth well visible in the middle of the lower jaw (now his smile is perfect), Cardi sproloquiava with its strong accent of a hispanic in the Bronx on a wide range of topics, by posting compulsively selfie, photos of the long fake nails studded with fake gemstones, dancing half-naked, monologues laced with verses, animals, laughter rickety, insults and cursing miscellaneous (profanity, never, is very religious).

A time, those who wanted to contest a band or a character pop accused him of having been “built in table”. There was, and continues to be, this paradoxical hunger for authenticity, the claim that even those who live in front of the cameras to behave in a spontaneous way. The success of the reality and, indeed, of the profiles, Instagram or Twitter of the star (assuming naively that it will not work really is a proof of this obsession with anti-small table: no building, program, or script. It must seem that the star operating to vista, and is able to react with spontaneity, they lose control, just as we do (we do it? Not in public, usually).

Cardi B so it started: flooding Instagram, of herself and of her chit-chat, offering all the sauces, her wigs, her nails, her ass kimkardashiano (obtained through a surgery is illegal, done in a basement) and its history: the mother of Trinidad, and the dominican father (to whom it owes its coveted accent), work in the grocery store, the Amish, and then, from 19 years, the life of a stripper, but, above all, an unusual capacity to combine humor and sensuality, stupidity, childhood and wisdom of adulthood, aggression and tenderness. Cardi B is a brawler incredible, and it is first of all so that has conquered America, as a television personality, in reality Love & Hip Hop: New York (a kind of Men and women of the Hip Hop world, very popular in the Usa), in which, from 2015 to 2017 has sported outfits and hairdos, crazy, has held a sort of mail of the heart in which he gave his opinion on the most disparate matters of love, and has tried to make his way in a music industry dominated by male figures, men who never spared of criticism and insult them with enviable vigour, earning the applause of the female audience.

An attitude of bully from the outskirts of town in a miniskirt that has worked wonders: in the show the character of the Cardi B was loved especially for his vehemence and spontaneity. We wondered if after you have won the heart of viewers of a reality show ignorant enough, the girl would have been able to do, and then write and interpret, the music for which he had always fought. Invasion of Privacy (Atlantic Records), immediately a gold disc, and was immediately placed at number 1 on the Billboard 200, and since it came out, continues to beat records. With the single that preceded it, “Bodak Yellow”, Cardi became the second female rapper in history to get there before the Hot 100 (the first Lauryn Hill in 1998).

But the success of the disc is not to be attributed only to the popularity of the 25-year-old. Certainly, present The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon and show up for the first time the baby bump during her performance at the Saturday Night Live they were two very effective ways of sponsorizzarlo. But that’s not all: according to the The New York Times and the The New Yorkerthe album is very good and well written. The control that Cardi exercises on the texts has nothing to do with the attitude sguaiato with whom you communicate on a social and on tv. It is not even a disk then pop: the sounds have much more to do with the rap of the 90’s with the trap that works today, as evidenced by “Bartier Cardi”. Appeared on Youtube two weeks ago, and the video is directed by Petra Collins, and is a triumph of hedonistic luxury and femininity.