“María Patiño is on this black list”. Filtering. To explode the bomb in Socialite


María Patiño

07 of march 2020
(12:06 CET)

Carlota Corredera lived the most eagerly dreamed of Save me. This week flying knives in the space of Telecinco. Belén Esteban has already made clear its enmity with Antonio Montero, but now also speaks loud and clear of the hate it feels for Gustavo Gonzalez. All in the wake of the betrayal of the paparazzi Raquel Bollo.

Belén Esteban opened the season by making a question: “When you tell him that you gave the phone to address do you Know what it was?”. Antonio Montero answered with a resounding no, however the Paracuellos doesn’t believe him. “It is not true”, said Bethlehem. But in addition, the contributor believes that the exit to the light the treachery, has come to you well: “I’m up to the nostrils. I am a contributor to the program, and two years ago that I’m not going as interviewed the ‘Deluxe”, he was criticized for Gustavo.

The discussion rose out of the level and rising tone. All were reproaches constant. The collaborator came to cross to his partner to “manipulate” the information. “Manipulate you, lie to you and use it to the fellow you”he has answered Bethlehem very altered. The princess of the people has not been there and he has released a sound zasca. She would not do that with people that matter to you, but with him maybe yes, because for her it is not important.

“You’re an ungrateful, wherever I have been I have given a hand”, said Gustavo very angry. Bethlehem, who could not believe what I was hearing, has ensured that the contributor has not helped you in anything and it has taken a face that is not the first time that betrays a colleague: “You haven’t done anything for me, to the contrary, when you know that we’re going on vacation somewhere, flames for us to get caught. As to Carlota Corredera”.

maria patino and gustavo

Antonio Montero, Carlota Corredera, Diego Arrabal, Gema López, María Patiño and Raquel Bollo, are the partners that Gustavo Gonzalez have been betrayed, according to Kiko-Matamoros. He himself stood in this list, ensuring that the paparazzi would have betrayed three times.

In a polideluxe to Kiko Matamoros asked him if he had been in prison in the past. The collaborator was saved behind the back talking with address if that question came out yes. “I asked for responsibilities to the producer as if that question came out yes. I do not know if indirectly, or through Gustavo, he offered to bring my mugshot and my criminal record”, has told.

At these words, Gustavo didn’t give credit and put the hands to the head: “You’re manipulating. Unfortunately, in this topic I’m tied of feet and hands”, has been settled by the collaborator.