Patch 1.08 was released, full Patch Notes

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The developers of the Action role-playing game Wolcen, remain diligent, and now it has released the next Patch. The Update also addresses how he had too many mistakes in all areas of the city-cast, the title, and it can be installed through Steam. In addition to this, the German localization should have been done better.

Patch 1.08 for the Wolcen the developers so that they can inherit almost every aspect from the brand-new Diablo-to devote himself to a. and So, bug-fixes and improvements have been made, both in the General Gameplay, the Interface, to the User, and the end of the game, as well as in the case of the enemies, the Sound effects and the visual presentation.

Wolcen: bug Fixes, as far as the eye can see

So, now it comes to, among other things, that a player, upon accession, it is invincible. In addition to this, it is no longer possible, due to a bug, many players are reviving at the same time. In the area of the user interface, it should be noted that the health bar of the allies are now on display for the call, and a few of the entries are now displayed correctly on the Minimap.

To be able to weapons-of-level is 15 and the accessories in at level 4, you don’t need to be your own knight at level 60, but that’s only at level 50. On the side of the opponents of the Corrupt celebrate, the swarm oscillates for his Return, and now he’s supposed to be a anvisierbar. In addition, the modifier of “Regeneration has been disabled’ in the case of the boss enemies, as well as a host of other modifications that will now show up to 20 per cent less likely to, among other things, a Fast, Hard, and full of fire, full of Power, Elemental shield, and many, many more.

Wolcen Lords of Chaos: the Performance and the graphics in the Video, + the value is a reference to the scene)

In the case of animations and effects, and there have only been relatively small Changes. Some of the streams of the movement have been optimized, and added a little effect to the magic in the Hand of the female figure, while a-rod is guided. A lot was added in the absence of Sound, which is, probably, the environment is very conducive. In the end, a lot of the location is improved, including, of course, in the German version.

The Update can be downloaded now via Steam and installed it.

Source: Steam

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