Playstation 5: and AMD to reveal the technology to the Next console


PS5 will be available soon

Will the PS5 have the power of a weak or even more powerful than the Xbox, X-Series of Microsoft? If one believes that the manufacturer of the Chip, from AMD, is likely to be different in the two consoles in terms of performance, bad for each other.

The AMD does not just Ryzen-2-CPU-technology in the Xbox Series the X-and the PS5, but it’s also the graphics for the units. It was not clear which of the RDNA-GPU Generation in the Interior of the console is to be used. Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, came up recently in a private communication, and is published in the RDNA, and-2 tech, including graphics performance of 12 Teraflops for the Xbox Series in X.

The significant RDNA-2-graphics cards are not yet in the pc market, and AMD is making this technology by the end of the year to see. With RDNA, 2 AMD wants to catch up to the competitors from Nvidia, and in addition to the hardware accelerated ray tracing, but also from other Features, such as Variable-Rate produce to offer.

AMD's Customer-Relations

But, what about the Playstation 5, Sony, you’ll have to make use of the technology, the AMD-equipped? For Sony have been Quiet over the last few months, and the wildest rumors

Xbox Fans talked of an out of date, RDNA-1 in the Generation on the PS5, Playstation Fans have been waiting for in order to have a performance close to that of Xbox-to-Serial-X-level. AMD has introduced right now at a conference of investors; RDNA, 2) is not found at 2020, just in the Xbox Series the X-and the application of the personal computer, but it’s also on the Playstation 5. At the same time, AMD has promised that the game, converting all three of the systems will be as easy as they’ve ever been, suggesting that the PS5 and the Xbox, the X Series has almost the same performance.

However, there are issues out in the open we should all be parallel to that of the Xbox Series of the X to a lower-performance variant (for Xbox S?) in the work, and it should be marketed as HD consoles (Xbox Series, and the X is announced with 4K and 120 Hz in Games).AMD RDNA, 2

Sony, for its part, has made in the last year of the Interview, it’s not a secret the fact that you’re going to get for the PS4-concept, and, therefore, also be a PS5 Pro. But the PS5 Pro in just a few years after the PS5 or similar to the one Microsoft concept in the game? Due to the current Situation in and around the COVID-19, and in a lot of changes, and cancellations of trade shows, Sony’s original plan seems to be the first to sound the PS5 info is at the end of February, beginning of March, to go further back.

Annoying Playstation Fans should not, however, with Games such as Nioh 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake, THE Last Of Us-Part II, and in the Spirit of Tsushima, almost every month, and it is unique in many ways to the Success of the front side of the door. With the announcement of Sony’s PS5 could continue to wait, but the benefits to Microsoft, and the impact of this as of yet.


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