Post Malone “DRUGGED” at a concert is concerned about his fans


Post Malone is a successful rapper, songwriter and american producer, but his recent behavior has caused the concern of their millions of fanssince the artist had confessed that his tattoos on the face were a measure to protect themselves from their insecurities, and now their performances have shown a possible drug abuse.

“The tattoos of the face come from a place of insecurity, where I don’t like how I look. So I got something great there to be able to look at me and say ‘you look great’. So I managed to have a little confidence in myself when it comes to my appearance,” he commented Post-Malone days before his Runaway Tour.

Do you Post Malone attended high at a concert?

Without having a clear reason for the behavior of Post Malone, her fans posted on Twitter a large amount of comments regarding their state of health and according to the information of ACN, was circulating a video recorded during the last Runaway Tour.

The concern was the way that Post Malone interacted with his fan in front of the camera, as they clearly note their stare. “You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behavior, Post Malone, because it is not,” wrote a fan on her Twitter account.

Even with the first video showing a strange behavior from the rapper, in another publication mention was made of that Post Malone is tripped too much on the stage, which sparked comments on a possible abuse of the drugs and need urgent help for your health is not at risk.

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“The man needs help before something bad happens. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, because not using it to have fun, is abusing. It is now too, people are worried,” added the same user of Twitter along with the video Post Malone in the Runaway Tour.