Princess Leonor does this to the children of the school by the coronavirus and moms to explode!


March 06, 2020
(16:20 CET)

The coronavirus is still finding her way in Spain. In the last few hours there has been a particular rise, and already are at least 345 cases which are accounted for in our country.

Madrid it is still the city most hit by the COVID-19while the latter population in which have been known cases is Vitoria. In total have died 5 people.

One of the cases most discussed in the press has been the that has occurred in the operations center Phone that is located in Aravacain Madrid. A center worker was admitted last march 1, which has implemented an important protocol of prevention. The company has recommended to the people who had been in contact with the affected stay in their homes.

The coronavirus threat to the Royal House

A case that directly affects the Royal Houseand , more specifically, to the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. And is that the building of Phone it is stuck at the school Our Lady of the Rosaleswhere study the daughters of the Queen Letizia and the King Felipe VI. Only separated by a wall. Is the farm adjoining.

Leonor and Sofia

The authorities ensure that the risk of contagion is “null”. Nevertheless, there is some tempor in the area. And journalists such as Carmen Duerto warn that “already floats in the air of distrust and fear it comes to early childhood classrooms“. And not just between the parents.

The children also ride the wound up by this issue, that does not pass unnoticed in the class of Leonor. Of she have who walks with great care, avoided talking or touching, according to who. Even I would try to be his peers who will step up when it comes to carrying out certain activities. Something that has outraged more than a mother, since their children do not have to protect the princess.