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On the evening of Saturday, Apple has updated the description of the general assets of the exchange and repair programs and provides you with information about a new program for iPad and iPad Air 3. To-generation.


Have you found, as he explained to the group that, in only a limited number of iPad Air models, have permanently, a blank screen is displayed. Prior to that, the screen clears, there may be a short flash or light up.

They are affected only models with the 3. Generation iPad Air, which were manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. Qualified on the equipment to be repaired by Apple, or utorisierten to an Apple Service Provider, free of charge.

As usual, Apple points to the repair and limit further damage:

The iPad Air has damages that prevent the execution of a service (such as a crack in the Screen, you must resolve this Problem before the Service can be carried out. In some cases, they are associated with the additional cost of the repair.