PS5 and Xbox Series, the X-displacement due to the Covid-19) can hardly be avoided


On the topic of Coronaviruses are not getting rid of it allows you to, for there is hardly an area of life that is not affected. It is almost impossible to avoid, that hit the global economy hard, especially in the IT industry. And also, the Next-Generation of consoles is likely to be affected.

Covid-as many as 19 in the world, it has firmly in its grip in Asia, and especially China, the production is eingeschrnkt for weeks on end, and, in some cases, to fail. And even if China reports are in the very least, fewer and fewer new infections, which may be of the Standard does not speak and suffered a lot.

And even if you don’t, there is currently no official information about the Release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox, the Series, you can go on as planned, on the stage, and then to VG24/7 that paints a good picture of the situation. Aside from the Game, it says that the postponement of the beginning, “it seems inevitable”.

It would be a miracle if the E3 can take place

One of the first signs of a Cancellation and / or postponement of the event in the industry: the game Developers Conference has been postponed to a date that is open-ended, in the summer, it is not yet clear whether the main developer of the show in General is going to be held in a real place or if it takes place in the cloud.

With respect to the weltgrten game 3: everything is still on the roadmap, but it’s more than certain that the Covid-19 from three months ago, completely into the handle. Because, in the state of California, the Virus is spread ever more quickly, the westkste state, yesterday, declared a state of emergency. Also if the E3 is a trade show so that they (and the other events of the industry, it is extremely important to the fr Publication, Offers, promotions, and the like.

In addition to this, It Engpsse ever you are right now with respect to the Hardware, the Valves, the Index of the VR Headset and Nintendo’s Move to fight with the enormous problems of delivery. Even if the Covid-19 beer night verschwnde completely, Foxconn and co. need it would be months, and in the production of jelly-yet.

Despite the fact that, certainly, is long established in the Agreements signed so far, it is almost impossible that the production of the PS5 and the Xbox, the X Series can start as planned. Even if Sony and Microsoft in order to create, as if by a miracle, in order to produce the required amounts (both of which are, of course, you want to avoid that, the users are disappointed in the low Stckzahlen): it’s The economy, and, thus, the purchasing power will be in the fall, in all probability, it is more difficult and more small, so that some of the verkneift the purchase of a console.

Perhaps, the situation has calmed down, so quickly, turned into, perhaps, nothing more to it, but over the next few months, and even years, as it was previously. And so, it could be Sony and Microsoft will decide, or be forced to move on PS5 and the new Xbox to 2021.

Microsoft, games, Sony, Gaming, video game, PlayStation 5, ps5, Xbox, Scarlett's, an Xbox, Two

Microsoft, games, Sony, Gaming, video game, PlayStation 5, ps5, Xbox, Scarlett’s, an Xbox, Two
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