Resident Evil 3: A Safe Room-as a general rule, remain

Resident Evil 3: A Safe Room-as a general rule, it remains in place, Also, it is not always a constant threat

Update: Capcom has since clarified that the actual Safe-deposit box-Rooms, that remain in the upcoming Remake of Resident Evil 3 from the Nemesis spared to give the players a chance to take a breath.

In the previous message, apparently based on a misunderstanding of the game. According to the report, the view, and the player has been seen in a room with a typewriter to Save your progress in the game for the Enemy. But it wasn’t a Safe in the Room, such as Capcom, however, has made it clear. The machines are of the type that can also be found in other rooms.

If a player is, in fact, it’s located in a real Safe Room, is in the “Resident Evil”-in order to recognize the variety of traditional music, including in the upcoming Remake.

Original Message: Just prior to the opening of the hope that is the end of the week, and relaxing, the other interesting Detail to the Story of Resident Evil 3 and it came to us.”

Not surprisingly, all of the players to watch in the new edition, with a deadly Foe to face. The Tradition of the “Resident Evil”series is released, however, on the Board. According to a recent preview in the Official Xbox magazine (uk), has ruled that the developers of Capcom to do a Remake of “Resident Evil 3” in the Safe-Room of this rule.

Not all areas are the same as the Nemesis is accessible

This means in practice is that your can’t be stored in a place where the game stood in front of the Enemy, as the head of the cheese, they can also get into these rooms. However, it was pointed out that there is in the Remake of “Resident Evil 3” in spite of all of the areas that may be entered into by the Enemy.

On The Subject Of The: Resident Evil 3: the Final Alternative has been deleted

In this way, the developers at Capcom want to make a little bit of pressure on the shoulders of the players. At the same time, this Project has been the decision to do something about the moments in which the player needs to focus on the puzzle Solving elements of the Story.

The Remake of “Resident Evil 3” for the PC, the Xbox, and the PlayStation 4 is currently in development and will be in Germany for more than 3 years of age and older. April of 2020 is now available. In contrast to the Original, in the year 1998, the the site, players will have the opportunity at this Time in an uncut Version to look forward to.

Source: GameSpot

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