Scarlett Johansson and the eye-make-up-theme-foliage


Senape, and rust,

must-have of the autumn-Winter 2019-2020, fell soon to the showcase of the season, even if not all of it can afford. For the more Golden the first, has not used the Mat the second, very declinarsi also key, make-up, and there is already who has dared, with success. Scarlett Johansson, for the trend radar has, always, sperimentatrice serial range, hair cuts, unusual, and manicures from ten and praise, not made, of the opportunity of a make-up in the perfect mood in the autumn you bring the eyes, hyper-graphs, at a party in Los Angeles.

The smokry pumpkin eye-metal Scarlett Johansson

In the middle between a smokey (much) fat and a double-eyeliner a comma is drawn, the point upwards, with precision, the rusty tinge on the eyelids pulled the whole green eyes, winning combination of the manual, gave her a look magnetic at all, because even a high dose of mascara is distributed on the lashes, perfect curves, and a pencil, both above and below), also contributed to deep into the beauty look. Very easy, and the rest of the blush, lipstick, unavoidably, with eyes like that.

The view, the rest of it is great protagonist of this season, but also the next, as noted by the catwalks of the spring-summer 2020 strategy. On the eyes, eyeliner and smokey eyes to triumph. Graphics the first, perfect for any shape of the eye, more around smaller, often in black, but Johansson proves that they will often risk a way to win, a lot more soft is the seconds, for the own definition. It is, however, the smokey in the concept of this look is reminiscent of the color of the leaves in the autumn, the perfect inspiration, foot. Must try (and copy) in a smaller dose, if you do not plan a night out in Hollywood.