Seasonic introduces the new power supply with a new link



Seasonic has yesterday officially presented for the first Plug in the power supply SSR-750FA,. In the novel, the power supply included with the Hub for the best cable management, with the idea of the modular cable-management system has been consistently further developed. The result of the Call is Set up by Seasonic, which is a 750W power supply and Connect it to the Hub. When you Connect to the Hub by the manufacturer such as Seasonic Cable in the Device manager (SCMD), it is the sharing of an edge in the look of the Seasonic’s power.

The FIRST-750W is an 80 Plus Gold certified power supply with a 10 year guarantee, and has, according to the manufacturer, 90% efficiency at 50 % load. The fan is 135 mm, the PSU operates at up to 40 % of the load, the power supply is operated without a fan. The MTBF (Mean-Time-between-Failure), so that the life expectancy of the average is specified with more than 150,000 hours of operation. Technically, it’s the Seasonic’s First-GX-750, however, a modification to the wiring harness. As for the Seasonic First to the GX-750, up to two GPU’s can be fed from the power supply.

To Connect with the Hub, is 330 mm long, 64 mm high and 21 mm wide. It is supplied with two cables from the power supply unit from the power supply and distributes it to the components. The advantage of Connecting to the hub, that is, according to the manufacturer, the cable can be used to direct the computer to Connect to the Hub and connected to it, and then, clearly, it can be shorter. In addition to this, the look of the cable management may move as a result of the connection to the Hub, because the cable can be vertically, directly on the back of the motherboard, and then a significantly smaller one. At the Turn of the Hub, the Seasonic is a lit of letters. Attached is a Link to the Hub, the magnet on the back side of the tray for the motherboard, it can be used in all standard Housings.

At the time of publication, and the availability of the Seasonic SSR-750FA he didn’t comment on Seasonic also. It can be assumed that the Set will soon be available in stores from the official product website is now online. As Golem reports, the price of € 150 for the SRH-750FA. The additional cost for the GX-750 power supply Turn on the switch for 30 Euros. But, the buyer has the opportunity to simplify the management of cables in your System.

Pricing and availability
Seasonic’s First-GX-750
Not available 149,90 €

Not available