The black hole: scientists make exciting discovery in the universe


The researchers found in a study of asteroid Bennu to be unexpectedly something else entirely. A “black hole”, which employs 30,000 light-years away from us on the other side.

Students and researchers at mit and Harvard University have 30,000 light-years away The Black Hole found. So it came to pass, in spite of the review, in fact the Asteroid Bennu.

A new black hole in universe discovered

The Team, which is also the construction of the Regolith x-ray spectrometer (REXIS) aboard the NASA Mission, OSIRIS-REx, is in charge, has been found in the past year, a new aufflackerndes the black hole in the constellation of Columba. REXIS is an Instrument about the size of a shoebox, which has been developed in order to measure the x-ray radiation from the asteroid Bennu to earth. In November, however, the levels-of-radiation-REXIS is not measured, the assumed Bennu.

How to that reported, there was a previously catalogued object, if you can Believe it, in the words of Branden Allen, a researcher at the Harvard law school. It was discovered that the source of the evaluation of the REXIS data.

The shiny object turned out to be a new aufflackerndes the black hole, which has been confirmed in the last week, a Japanese BAR-the telescope first, and then connect to the discovered by NASA. The same activity is considered to be a million miles away from earth, while the REXIS circulated in the orbit of the Asteroid Bennu. This is the first outbreak ever seen in the interplanetary space.

“A Moment of pride for the REXIS Team

“The discovery of x-rays from the explosion, it’s an exciting Time to be in the REXIS Team, has announced that A mr. Lambert, a graduate of the command sequences for the instrument was developed, which could be in the Black hole, once and for all. In the beginning of the irradiation, that it can only be from outer space, with the proviso, that occurs when a black hole, matter from a normal star is in orbit that is attracting.

The students are trained in the construction and operation of space instruments, but the biggest lesson was to always be open to discovering the Unexpected, ” says Richard Binzel, an instrument scientist for the REXIS Experience. Nearly 100 students have worked on since the beginning of the Mission, NASA and a Team of REXIS.

On a more exciting Experience, which is a “black hole” was just a sham, it was a solid. Meanwhile, the blasting of the stones, the ride the Asteroid Bennu with the greatest diligence, to the universe, and no one knows why.

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