The breath of the Wild, the round ended and the game is running without any (!)


They are not allowed to occur during the passage of a YouTuber PointCrow run. They are not allowed to occur during the passage of a YouTuber PointCrow run.

We have already seen some of the weird and amazing things in The Legend of Zelda: the Breath of nature, and not get tired of sharing it with you. Think, for example, the odd car, similar vehicle, or to the player who makes the Echsalfos Chance to do that.

We have now found at gamesradar, we haven’t seen it yet. Moreover, we do not have present all the time, it works on all of them.

YouTuber PointCrow has proven that, but in your Video It’s played on the Breath of nature, without any of the Ties at once. Yes, you read that right: the Link is running at a Time. In spite of this, PointCrow use of other methods of transportation:

  • the candle
  • swimming
  • to jump to the front and to the rear
  • on the crest of the slide
  • etc.etc.

It is not the full version of the game

This is not, however, be noted that the PointCrow informed on all the points of a “normal” ticket. It leaves out, for example, of the four main Dungeons, and walked – or, rather, it moves directly to the’ganon the last boss of the fortress. This is not a fight, it is the same as that of the whole of the passage before that you see the value.

The anticipation for part 2

Three years after the Release of the Breath of the Wilderness may come as a surprise to the World, Open to the blast of the series as of yet. On the other hand, we look forward so very slowly, but certainly, the Blowing of the Wild-2 and brought the Nintendo up to now, however, it is covered. It’s no wonder, then, that the rumors and Leaks, the kitchen begins to bubble, slowly but surely.