The Bugatti Hyper Truck up against Another Semi: How do you like to race on a Highway?


The concept of a new electric Truck

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The truck is an electric Tesla-a Semi roll to the outside just on the road. However, as with the Tesla Truck would look like if it was a sport the Bugatti the lyrics? A Chinese Designer invents a short-hand for the Bugatti Hyper-Truck – – – and this one is definitely worth a look.

The Hyper Truck to the Bugatti as a competitor to the Truck's electrical But the Semi's so far only exists in the computer.

The Hyper Truck to the Bugatti as a competitor to the Truck’s electrical But the Semi’s so far only exists in the computer. (Source: Prathyush Devadas /

On the road with a truck in the mountains at 85 miles an hour forward in the middle lane at an agonizingly slow pace to the other’s past, it’s often an “elephant race”, it says. Exciting this really is. Otherwise, it would be a Bugatti Hyper Truck that would overcome the to Another Semi. Here, we would have a two-Fold. To do this, however, is pure fiction.

The Bugatti Hyper-Truckload (Concept)

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The Designer Is Chinese, Prathyush Devadas …
(Source: prathyush devadas /

The Another Semi is coming closer to its production version of the Bugatti Hyper Truck there is, however, up to now, it’s just on the computer. Invented by a Chinese Designer, Prathyush Devadas him. Is this the image of too much power, the Truck, which looked a bit like a futuristic Version of the vapor lock.

Cleverly, the Bugatti Chiron is quoted

Particularly striking is the apparently dissociated from each other, almost floating in the cabinet, is the ability to take out the Bugatti Chiron, is known in the Form of a “C”. It’s so beautiful, the design concept should also be considered as a serious drawback it has: the look and feel of the rationalization is, of course, is in the foreground, and it is not the best use of the volume of the load. The power of non-carriers, unless they are ardent Fans of sports cars from the brand.

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The potential in the market for Another Semi on the other hand, it is not at all a bad thing. Tesla referred to it as “the most comfortable, and safest truck in the world. How to drive the four electric motors. The range should be used, depending on the embodiment, is between about 500 and 800 km. Like all of the vehicles from one place to Another, he is driven purely electrically, and provides you with the functions of auto-Pilot.

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