The companies give away the Software to “Team” and the “L Suite”, how to work in the Home Office


Care and caution at the time of the Emissions that have impact on the day to day work. Even the big companies in the industry to respond with various measures relating to the outbreak of the Virus. Well, Google has announced plans to move its largest developer conference, I/O, and network. Also, you want to do it all the time in the middle of a job interview, the conferencing Software Google Hangouts. The internet has provided to its employees to not be at home, if your presence is not required.

In order to facilitate Work in the Home Office, and to participate in the conference, put on by both the companies now have the software that is available free of charge. “We want to help businesses and schools are affected by the COVID-19, so you can stay connected,” said the chief of Google-Sundar Pichai on Twitter.

But after you see it

A number of free resources for Google Hangouts

From now on, it will allow the users of the G-Suite, for Meetings with up to 250 participants, and a stream of the Live Broadcasts, with as many as 100,000 spectators. The G Suite is a collection of the various Google Apps, including the Tool-of-conference, Hangouts. In Hong Kong, and ho chi minh city, where the schools are closed, you have access to hundreds-of-thousands-of-students-in-Hangouts, Google Classroom, read to a press release from the company. The free expansion of the tool is 1. July.

Coronavirus: stay informed

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We have Teams that are available

In addition to this, Microsoft offers its service for the communication in the Teams, free of charge, and will start from 10. In march, a six-month trial of the Premium Version. The user may then, for example, 1 Terabyte of storage space, in addition to this, the recording of the Meeting is to be possible. “We will do all the Teams in the six-month, available to all, we hope that we can help protect the health and safety of the public, and working remotely easier than ever to do it,” said the Vice-chief Jean-Philippe Courtous in Twitter account.