The DoppelgangeR zombies Iranian Angelina Jolie was arrested


06.10.2019 – 21:110

Update : 07.10.2019 – 08:24

He had made a talking point, to have suffered 50 interventions-such as the diva (but they were a joke), ended in cuffs with the charge of blasphemy and the corruption of the youth

TEHRAN – The young society-Sahar Tabar had made, and had shocked the web by, as it was, was trying to, after 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie.

The (monstrous) result has been international, in the discussion, ridicule, and – why not – the concern over the excessive use of scalpel and this was a little vanesia.

The truth was, however, jumped some time later, the 22-year-old had all of the creating on the nose with make-up and the dear old Photoshop, the terrible alter-ego. “I’m not saying that I commented on never a ritocchino made”, had, Sputnik, “but certainly not like a look-alike zombies from Angelina Jolie or a “wedding with a corpse””.

According to Cnn, the girl was recently stopped by the in Iran under the accusation of blasphemy, incitement to violence, defamation dress code national and the corruption of the youth.

According to the Tasnim news Agency, apparently, were in a different report it to the authorities that they are activated immediately. His account of Instagram has been closed and disabled.