the film with Scarlett Johansson filming


Via Instagram, the stunt-Lucy Jayne Murray has shown that you just finished officially, the shooting of ” the Black Widow, the standalone Marvel dedicated to the character of Natasha Romanoff.

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After the production has officially started last may, with the rotation to work Black Widow – the expected stand-alone Marvel dedicated to the character of black widow/Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson – are, and continue until October.

Thanks to a post Instagram of the micro, Lucy, Jayne Murray (via MCU Exchange) it was known that the last movie the film was directed by Cate Shortland, last Sunday, in a set wrapped in strict secrecy (in spite of the last 3. October a few photos online, created you, and gasping for air, the actor William Hurt, again in the role Thundebolt Ross).

The film about Black widow is finally completed. I loved you so much, this team, each of you, the world is for me and I’m really grateful that I had this experience with all of you. Many thanks to all of you.

Also, the actress Florence Pughin the film, the character plays Yelena Belova (i.e., the alleged new Black widow), has the conclusion of the rotation that interested in last week.

At the end of the filming for Florence on Black Widow.

David Harbourthat in the film, plays the role Guards Redhowever, the shooting of the film last september ended by a post on Instagram, in a strange dummy) adopted by its character (embracing.

Farewell to long, messy, surprisingly soft beard, Walt Whitman. Adieu, hotel rooms beige. Good night sweet and strange doll, which I’ve never understood what was supposed to serve, in a corner of the room. Goodbye to Alexi, big, bold, bright, and stout hope the whole of Russia, tortured soul, the guardian of the red.

The output of the Black Widow is provided for American cinemas for the 1. in may 2020. In the cast, in addition to Johansson, Pugh and Harbour, is also Rachel Weisz, Olivier judge, O-T Fagbenle and Ray Winstone.

As they wait for the return of the black widow on the big screen?