The infanta Elena gulps. Complaint in the courts. Last hour pump


March 06, 2020
(14:00 CET)

Eye because the mess that has to Juan Carlos I in the spotlight in recent days does nothing but grow. And that, of course, is affecting the Royal Family. In fact, despite the fact that no one in The Zarzuela it has spoken about it, have neither the kings nor the hijasdel emeritus, Elena and Cristinaknow where to get. Much less his wife, who yesterday showed not just his best face on an act.

The case is that the research that is being conducted by the prosecutor’s office Switzerland about an alleged commission charged by the emeritus years following the agreement to bring the AVE to Mecca.

A commission of the who, also allegedly, emeritus, donated eur 65 million to his lover Corinna. A mess court and a scandal that has now experienced a new chapter, how not to, does no more than throw gas on the fire.

The complaint that puts The Zarzuela legs up

And is that, as noted from the is, it seems that it is now the own Corinna that you would be preparing a lawsuit against the father of the King Philip. According to the above-mentioned means, the entrepreneur German reporting to the british justice, the emeritus by the harassment to which it considers that it is subjected since their relationship came to an end in 2012.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

A harassment that would have the objective that the German does not reveal state secrets that would in a commitment court to Juan Carlos I. While it is true that these allegations of harassment had already been directed against the former director of the National Intelligence Center, now Corinna the would have extended the previous head of state.

A Corinna which, as you recall the above-mentioned means, has expressed on several occasions his displeasure with his situation for years: “they Insisted on standing in silence. They sent Me a mail, using a pseudonym, explaining that speaking to the media would be devastating to my image. I took it as that would destroy my reputation if she did not cooperate. In fact, this threat is successfully carried out”.

A complaint that, obviously, has sat as a new jug of cold water in a Zarzuela that looks like each day that goes by the name of Juan Carlos I gives them more problems.