The last clone, the PlayStation portable-the Prototype to a record-breaking auction


Dhe is the prototype of the “PlayStation” it is in the united states, after a bidding war of 360 000 us dollars (about 320,000 euros) in the betting has been put on the block. He was the only survivor of the prototypes, Nintendo, and Sony in the late 90’s, and was co-developed game for the console, according to the auction house Heritage Auctions on Friday, on Wednesday (local time) in Dallas.

Highest auction total for a game on a console

57 the different bidders in the auction, so if you get a hold of the device, the winner of the wool is currently to remain anonymous. The final price was the highest sum that has already been sold in an auction for the video-game consoles, games or accessories, get paid.

The console had been owned by an ex-Sony-video-games-in-chief, Olaf Olaffson, and then, by chance, into the hands of a private man, come in, ” he said. On the other, 199 prototypes were to be destroyed after the end of the co-operation between Nintendo and Sony, according to Reports. The “PlayStation” of Sony in 1994, and then brought to the market, and is significantly different from the auction of the prototype.